Exciting News

New site, updated name same great products and service!

Hello my friends, we have some pretty big exciting news about some major positive changes coming to HB&M. We will soon be changing our name from HB&M to HLBM (Health Life Body & Mind) and launch our new website which will be a major improvement over our existing one. The new website will have many new options benefiting you, our loyal customer.   

Bargin bin

So, to make room for our new website, we are clearing out a lot of our stock and offering it in our Bargain Bin.

You can access the Bargain bin in the link below.


New look and added site features

 - You will be able to earn reward bucks $$$ on every purchase made redeemable for any product in our store.

 - Free shipping on orders over $100.

 - 30 day "no hassle" return policy for loyal members.

 - We will be offering a wholesale option for those looking to start their own business.

 - Customers will also be able to participate in our affiliate reseller program.  

 - We will now be offering a “wish list” option.

 - Customers will be able to request new products or make recommendations via our suggestion box page. 

 - We will be offering our own HLBM newsletter to stay informed of any upcoming sales, advocacy news and      topics affecting our community.   

VIP club

 Loyal longtime customers will have access to their very own exclusive VIP club page which will grant them access to the following benefits:

o Special discount pricing on all our products 

o Access to free samples 

o Free shipping on all orders 

o No hassle returns with no questions asked 

o Access to brand-new products not available to the public 

o VIP customers will have the ability to use a private dedicated customer service email address they can use for expedited support.   

HLBM herbal tea infusions

  We’re excited to announce our newest addition to our line of products.  

As you know our leaf has many great benefits but one of the biggest inconveniences is its  palatability . So after many reformulations and testing we managed to create a one of a kind and first ever great tasting herbal tea infusion. We have been doing extensive focus group testing with some of our customers and so far, all the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our proprietary (company secret) herbal tea infusion mixes consist of carefully selected natural herbs mixed with some of our bestselling crushed mitra leaf.  You can view our new herbal tea infusions in the link below.