Please read our FAQ's before making a purchase.

1) My package hasn't arrived yet, what can I do? 

Once a package leaves our hands, it is up to USPS to do their part and deliver the package. We have no control over delays or transit times. Please contact USPS directly if you need additional shipping/tracking information. We don't track individual packages as we don't have the man power. We will only consider replacing a package if it is more than 14 business days late. If you haven't received your order 14 business days after it was placed, please contact us so we can begin the investigation process. Also note that transit times posted by USPS (Example: Priority Shipping states 2-3 days) are just estimates and not guaranteed delivery dates. We do not offer refunds on shipping if your order took longer to arrive than expected.   

2) Do you ship to my state? 

We do ship to all legal U.S. states.   

3) Do you allow returns? 

Returns require prior authorization and are evaluated on a case by case basis. If the return has been approved, you will be issued an RMA and subject to a 15% restocking fee. RMA's can take up to 48hrs to process once received. We have a strict 30 day return policy. 

4) What should I do if my package was lost or stolen? 

Items will only be replaced if shipment is lost by USPS. We do not replace stolen packages or that have been marked delivered by USPS but customer claimed that it was never received. If you package has been stolen we highly recommend that you file a “package theft” claim with USPS. Under U.S. code 18 Section 1708, U.S. mail theft is considered a felony and a federal crime.   

5) What is your cutoff time for same day shipping? 

Same day cut off time is 12pm ET (9am PT). Orders placed after our cutoff time will ship the following business day (Excluding Holidays)   

6) What are your business hours? We are open Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm Pacific Time. We are closed holidays.  

7) Do you ship on Weekends? 

Sorry, we are closed weekends and holidays. If your order is placed after 12pm (Eastern Time) on Friday, your order will be shipped on Monday.   

8) Where are you located? 

We are located in Southern California.   

9) Do you offer local pickups? 

No, we are an Internet "Only" based company.   

10) Do we offer USPS priority express service or overnight? 

We do not, sorry. We have had nothing but bad experiences with USPS's Priority Express. Special Shipping is reserved for a handful of customers that have agreed to our terms, which are "At your own risk" and we do not offer refunds for late packages.   

11) Do you have a phone number I can call if I have a question or problem? 

Sorry, not at the moment. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Service@HBandM.com.   

12) I placed an order & forgot to include a coupon code or missed a sale. Can you please modify the order and include the discount code? 

Unfortunately once the order has been processed, we cannot modify it. Our system will not allow it.  The only thing we can modify once the order has been processed is the bill to, ship to and email address. The only thing we can do is cancel the order and then you can re-submit it, but will lose its line in the processing queue. Also, we cannot honor past sale prices once the sale has ended.   

13) I re-ordered a product but looks very differently, what can you do about this & can I return it? 

Batches will sometimes differ in color and texture and no two batches will ever look the same. Sorry, no returns.   

14) I am under 18 years of age, can I purchase from your website? 

No. Under no circumstance may a minor purchase any products from us. We are assuming that all buyers are over 18 years of age if they are using a credit card to make a purchase.   

15) Can you provide instructions, descriptions, and recommendations or ask for advice? 

By law, we cannot make any recommendations, give advice or instructions as it is unlawful to do so. Please do not ask us any questions that have to do with consumption as this product has not been approved by the FDA for human consumption. Our products are only for Scientific & Research purposes. We will not reply to any inquiries regarding Instructions, recommendations or advise. Sorry.   

16) If I buy a kilo or two, can I get a discount? 

Discounts are given to purchases of 5 kilos or more. Email us if you would like a wholesale price sheet. Federal Tax ID will be required in order to receive our wholesale price sheet.   

17) I purchase one of your products, but not happy with the quality. Can I exchange it for something else? 

Sorry, but all sales are final.   

18) I provided a wrong shipping address, what should I do?

 Contact us immediately so we can make the correction. If you provided a wrong address and your order already shipped, there is nothing we can do. It is your responsibility to provide a good address and we are not liable for the error.  We ship to where you tell us to ship the package. If the package gets returned, we will reship it back to you as soon as we receive it plus and additional shipping charge. We do not give refunds or reship the package until we receive the original package.  Remember, this was an error on your behalf and not ours.   

19) Do you ship internationally?

 We do ship internationally, but please be aware that it’s at your own risk. Please contact us at Service@HBandM.com for further information.   

20) I just received a cancelation notice for my order. What happened? 

Orders usually get canceled because the Credit Card was declined or the bill to address did not match what's on file for the Credit Card. You will receive an email stating there was an error with your transaction. If your order gets canceled and you submit a new one, it will lose its place in the processing queue.   

21) I received my order, but the items were incorrect, or something was wrong with it. What should I do? 

Please contact us at Service@HBandM.com and we will fix your order right away. Make sure email us pictures of the incorrect items as we cannot replace items without actual proof.   

22) I just purchased the wrong item, can I exchange it or get a refund? 

Please note that once the package has been opened we no longer can exchange it or issue a refund, that's why we always encourage customers to buy a small sample 1st before making a larger order. The majority of vendors will not accept the returns of opened containers due to the risk of contamination.   

23) Why didn't I receive any samples, just received 1 sample or a sample I've received before?

 Even though we try our best to include a free sample for our new and existing customers, samples are completely complimentary and not always available. We also include samples based on purchase amount. We also don't keep track of what samples customers have received in the past, so they might receive a duplicate one from time to time. There are times when we run out of samples or running short on time and packing a sample might delay your order. Also, we usually don't include free samples on sale items.   

24) I didn't like your product. It’s all gone so I have nothing to return, but I want my money back? 

Sorry... No product, no money back. Might also be worth mentioning that filing a chargeback with your bank after you have received the product is considered credit card fraud. We will NOT tolerate fraudulent charge backs. Doing so will not only get you in trouble with the law and your bank, but you will also be blacklisted and added to a Problem Customer/Fraudulent Customer database that all major vendors use.   

25) I ordered the same product but in different sizes, why were the bags consolidated? 

Unless specified that you would like the product in separate bags, we will always consolidate the product into 1 bag.   

26) Can I have my product split into multiple equal bags? 

Even though we try and accommodate most of our customers’ requests, sometimes we can't due to heavy volume or because some bags are already sealed and pre-packed.  What we will do instead is include the bags & labels with your order so you can do this on your end.   

27) Can you split a kilo with different kinds? 

Sorry, we cannot split kilos at this time.   

28) Can you send me some free samples before I buy them? 

We normally do, but can't at the moment due to the increase in orders. Sorry.